GA & HSE Manager

Yes, this position is for you, Great Professional that can't stand too long behind your Desk!

In some companies, they put HRGA and HSE in one Department, led by an HRGA & HSE Manager.
In Our Client's Company, they put GA and Safety in an own section. The incumbent will be more responsible for Building Maintenance, Asset Management, Company Vehicle Arrangement, and other General Affair Matters. But don't worry, this position also part of the HRGA BIG-Division, and the opportunity to learn and working closely with other related departments always open. So, you still always have your chance to improve your competencies and capabilities.

The Best Candidates for the Position:

  • Male, Max 45 years old, Great Experiences in Distribution or Logistic Company

  • Certified an Active AK3 Certification

  • Experience Min. 3 Years in Managerial Level

  • Strong in Leadership and team management

  • Available to work on Saturday and to be located in Cibitung Area.

Interest Candidates, please directly follow our WrittenInterview process via this link: