"I Move my Cheese!!!"

That's the words that was I update in my Profile after I submit my Resignation Letter.

Leaving my Previous job as a Full-Time Corporate Recruitment Manager is not an easy thing for me. But believe that this is the time for me to do a new journey, to start my own Business, to actualize my dream, my destiny: I've prepared not only for the goodness but also for the greatness, I Start my own Consultant. To assist Great Company, to Find Great People, to Connect Them, Connecting Great People!

~ Milka Santoso

Basically, I'm not a kind of person that like to meet new people

....but meet up with Many Great People in our Interview Session, listening they share their Great Experiences and realizing that what I'm doing can open a Great Opportunity for them,

I'm getting very excited and become more and more passionate to meet more Great People and do More Assistant for them.

Assist them to meet our Great Client, Connect them!

~ Eva Lim


Our Great Associates

Professional and Expert in their Fields, Specialize assigned for each project, Customized to meet our Clients' need.

It's a really Great Honor for us to work with a such Great Buddy like them!